The first cable was built as a response to a brand new "name brand" cable shorting out on me onstage on an overseas tour. fortunately it was the last date on the tour, as I wasn't going to able to obtain any quality replacement instrument cables whatsoever.
When I got back to LA from that tour, I talked to all of my musician friends about cables in order to find out how theirs stacked up, and if they could recommend a better cable than what I had been using. They all had horror stories about industry giant made cables coming apart on them, shorting out, the tips disintegrating. It sounded to me like nobody was into making a high quality cable that didn't come apart or make you feel dumb for spending good money on something that you would have to regularly return to take advantage of the dubious "lifetime warranty".

We want to redefine what a top quality cable sounds and looks and feels like.

"There is hardly anything in the world that some man can not make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price only, are this man's lawful prey." John Ruskin

My personal experience with cable failure:

Cut to a stage somewhere in the middle of England, I'm on tour with a band from Los Angeles, playing in front of a rowdy crowd, and we are in the middle of our set, all of a sudden my guitar starts cutting out, making no sound, or very quiet. I think "oh no" the amp died, or the guitar shorted out somehow. We keep trying to play on but the momentum I had was completely lost, any "into it"-ness I had was now gone because of how frantically I was trying to find out WHY MY GUITAR STOPPED WORKING in the middle of the set. As I'm moving around the sound comes back and goes away, I kick my pedal, unplug it and plug my guitar directly in to the amp itself, and still I'm having problems. My backline guy runs over and tries to figure it out, and he doesn't have any luck either. When I fling my guitar cable out of the way suddenly the amp comes back to life. I finish out the set, wary that at any moment I might lose the signal. The vibe of the live song I'm performing would be lost and the crowd disappointed. After our set ends and everyone is packing away their gear, I look at the expensive big brand name cable that I had purchased 2 weeks before at a well known music store in the US. By all outward appearances the cable looked fine. Brand new, even. But when I twisted the cable a fraction, somewhere in the length it shorted out. I couldnt believe it. I was so disgusted with that experience, that I vowed to make a cable that wouldn't let me down ever again. Solid Cables was born from my vow. I wanted to make an investment in myself and guarantee my audience could hear what I wanted to deliver and I would never have to worry about a cable being the weak link in the chain ever again..

-Nial McGaughey

Owner, Musician, and no longer fed up with bad cables.